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Time to travel 

I have been quiet I know I tend to do that, just get too busy going through the motions and I forget that I want to capture those little things, progress, small wins, challenges etc. 

And travel,  I love sharing when I get to travel because I thing there is no experience quite like it.  Paul and I have just returned from a US trip,  we saw LA, Vegas and San Franscisco, it was a great holiday with lots of firsts and plenty to keep us busy everyday of the 17 days we were there so I wanted to put together something to help me remember. 

It was Paul’s birthday the day we fly out of Brisbane airport and because of time difference it was still lunchtime on his Birthday when we arrived at LAX I think he got about 20 Happy Birthdays out of me over that time I was so grateful for the end of that first day.   We stayed in Anaheim for our LA visit at the Wyndham 5 min from Disneyland.  We went down to watch the fireworks the night we arrived -for Paul’s Birthday- but after waiting we’ll past time we were told they weren’t on for the next few days.  Paul was a little disappointed so we stopped for a drink in our way back to the hotel to brighten his mood. 

We spent a day at Disneyland, I couldn’t believe the number of people there on just a Thursday, and the lines, it was a kind of insanity how long people are willing to wait, even for food, not just rides.  I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would,  I didn’t go on anything but there was so much happening all the time everywhere and so much fun and colour and so much to look at.  It was a perfect day and Paul got to go on space mountain (?) so he was very happy.  We went back after dinner for the light parade which was fabulous (I just LOVE Petes dragon -Elliot) and then we wandered through the Park again to see it all at night.  I just adored Toontown and it’s a small world, they really brought Toontown to life with quirky little gimmicks.  The weights in the ground, the post office and the jail. It was just adorable. 

Alice in wonderlands Tea cup ride,  I adore everything Alice in wonderland and I just love the colours and the whimsy of this one. 
Of course the Disney Castle a cinematic icon 

I had no intention of including Disneyland on our itinerary as I don’t do rides and I’m not 8 years old but a friend told me I was absolutely mad to miss it and I’m so glad I listened, I adored everything about the place it was filled with crazy colourful happiness and I loved it. 

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It’s time to reflect 

A lot has happened in the last few weeks.  Paul is well and truly home and back to his day to day reality, I have had a few job interviews that have gone quite well for a role as Assistant Project Manager for a local subsidiary of a global firm, so whatch this space and cross fingers because I really liked the sound of the job, the team and the opportunities to learn, progress and be a part of something special. 

The year is almost over and if I look back at my plans and at how it all worked out, well it’s a bit of a mixed bag, or perhaps we should call it a work in progress? 

The best birthday ever this year, my 40th was absolutely amazing.. Just perfect 

We travelled 

 Melbourne – Weekend away had an absolute ball wandering the streets, shops, alley ways and enjoying great food and wine. 

New York-  my favourite place in the world, I would give anything to move there even just for a year 

Perth and Margaret River- I have always wanted to go to WA and even though I was not in the best place when we went I had a fabulous time. 

England- Worthing to spend time with Belinda. A trip which we both needed so badly. 

Paul trekking to base camp in Nepal 😊 

I had some of the toughest days emotionally,  of my life but eventually came out the other side.  Hopefully soon to be better for it. 
I graduated with my Diploma in Projevt Management and completed 5 subjects in my Bachelor of business. 
We went bushwalking over a heap of weekends and then challenged ourselves with a 24km trek between Binna Burra and O Reilleys. 

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The week that was and a little about me

Well I had my first week back in the reality of stores and I must say after 24 years with the business and spending the last 8years supporting but still physically in stores, I am absolutely astounded at how little I know.. it’s all the detail, I know things happen but how often, by who, process and procedure, I realised this week I don’t have a clue.  So it’s been a massive learning curve, I do love to be in learning phase it is so much fun! So I have been having a ball and I love customers, just saying hello to them and seeing them smile.  I have to admit though My brain is fried, my feet are slaughtered and my dance moves are clearly not loved by all (The music in stores is very- boppy). 

On the home front I am missing my main man,  been a week away now and I’ve had so much to tell him about my days and he just isn’t there to listen, but he is having a great time and has sent me loads of pictures, 

so this is one from the best part of my day-  the hand held unit beeps when I scan an item and it needs to be filled,  I was pretty excited about my first few beeps so I sent this pic to a few friends to capture the moment!  and then someone told me I need to go out and fill that stuff…  super! 

When I got home my emails from Paul had come through and I think my day kind of pales in comparison. 

This one speaks for itself- spectacular 

A personal favourite so pretty 

Animal only bridge crossing people are crossing up above 

1/2 yak

Because we work in retail the delivery method for coke is pretty big deal for us. The fact that someone carries this up there on their back is just something else. Respect! 

I was almost wishing I was there with him but then he mentioned minus 9 degrees at night, I thought yeah if I’m really rugged up, then he mentioned cold showers as well..  No amazing view anywhere is worth cold showers especially when it’s minus 9 outside!!! 

Am I right? Or am I right! 

A little insight into me, I don’t look like a princess but when it comes to clean dry and warm I am a princess.. No doubt.

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Arundel and Worthing 

I have just spent the last 17 days staying with my B, Rosie Harry and Hunter in Worthing, I had loads of time to explore the surrounding area, we visited Arundel castle and the Worthing pier and they are new in their home, so we wandered the local streets to see what was about. 

The Thomas A Becket

The Bridge Inn -Shoram by Sea 

Arundel Castle – From the Black Rabbit 
We had a lot of time to just spend together, family, friends, coffee, cake and beers.  It was a great trip and I got some gorgeous shots of the local area and our time together and of course each U.K. Pub I visitied while I was there. 

I love the English pub, so oldy worldy, so much character.  It’s not quite the same at home we have lovely big verandahs and outdoor garden areas but we don’t have the warm cozy, character of a proper English pub. 

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Tripped into London 

I went for a wonder today in search of a place I’d seen in a picture on facebook.  I took the train from Shoram to Victoria station and then wandered the streets past Buckingham Palace- right on the changing of the guard- through to Trafalgar Square and into Covent Garden. 

In Covent Garden there are nice little alleys and pretty street lamps, a really nice feel to the streets.  I almost walked straight past the entry way though it was reasonably signed but there is so much to look at I almost missed it. 

Neals Yard –  my pictures don’t really do it justice.  

It is a nice little alley with cafe, restaurants, whole foods store and organic cosmetics, it is just gorgeous. 

After I wanted through here and the surrounding streets I then just headed in one direction, quite honestly just lost for a while until I found the river and headed down towards Big Ben. 

I loved wandering around London it has so much history and character, So much to see and do. 
I found a pub and enjoyed a pint and then when the drizzle became rain I bailed out of London Back to Worthing.