About this blog 

This blog isn’t about travel, personal development, food, health and fitness, wellbeing, news or current events, political opinion or society.  It’s just about me and some days what’s on my mind might touch on some of those topics because well I love to travel and cook, I’m studying so self development and learning are important to me.  I work full time, currently not on my chosen path but I’m trying, I am learning about mindfulness, share trading, health and personal growth and I’m attempting to learn Italian.  Some days I might just want to share what happened in my day or what’s going on in my mind..  I may not be right, I may not have a clue in fact, but it’s just me, my ideas and it’s really just for fun right now.

This is something I’ve been playing with for a few years since I did my challenge blog in 2013. -Photo’s of My Today’s! | A 365 Day Challenge


and I think it’s time I just jump in because it’s on my list of personal development goals and just because I think I might be ready to write my own blog.  This is about me learning, sharing and creating a space for my ideas and thoughts.  If you choose to join me I hope it gives you a good read and maybe a smile now and then, or maybe just some pretty pictures to look at 😊

Thanks for coming.