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Bit of an update 

On the 9th of April I posted my weekend of realisation and I thought I’d give a little update for a few weeks later.  

I am feeling good,  I feel like I have control of my own world again,  I am focused, motivated and basically happy. 

 I have control over my exercise routine this is week 3 of making my workouts a priority and I am very proud of that.  I was doing them before but now I’m doing them with attitude. 

I am regaining my control over my food choices, for too long I would just eat and now I am eating with purpose and intent.  I don’t have my meal planning quite on track but I am eating regular good food and tracking what I consume which highlights my opportunities. 

With these 2 key areas of my life back under my control,  my clothes feel better on me (I ditched the fat pants this week finally) my body feels more settled and less upset and my mind is more alert and I am more confident. I can really feel the changes.  So now it’s about being consistent and staying true to me. 

I also made a huge decision which was quite significant, I spoke to my line manager about my career choices,  I am letting go to some extent, my project management career goal which seems essentially unachievable, I am still applying and still trying to find ways to drive me forward but I have accepted it isn’t an overnight option for me.   I have put myself forward for career progression in store to store management and as soon as I did, so much hatred and anger lifted from my shoulders.

  It was as if making a decision and having the support of my managers gave me my career back,  Or my choices in my career back, like this isn’t where I have run too this is where I choose to be, I am good at it and I will thrive here, this is for me. 
I am excited for moving forward now and I can enjoy this journey whilst I still pave the way to achieving my goals, now that I have accepted it, now that I have control over it and now that I own it. 


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