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Who do I compare myself too? 

I read this question in one of those get to know yourself Pinterest questionnaires and it got me thinking, I do have one person who I compare many areas of my life too,  right or wrong I definitely have noticed that I consistently do it. 

My friend Sara is strong, she is persistent, focused, motivated (and motivating) beautiful, fun, sincere and supportive,  I find myself on many occasions looking to her behaviour and routines when judging my own.  

When I’m sulking and feeling sorry for myself I remind myself what she has faced and how she handles it with grace and gratitude,  when I’m struggling to get up and work out she is my consistent source of motivation,  we have been pacing each other for so long I know I let her down when I get slack. 

When I need someone to trust and confide in she is always ready to listen and pull me up or give me advise or just hear me.  

When I think about the kind of person, friend, leader I want to be it’s Sara who is the image of what I aim to be. 

I fall short in every aspect but that’s ok it gives me room for improvement and someone I want to aim to be more like.  I know you should just aim to be a better version of yourself but if I can be a little more like the person I look up to then I’ll be just that. 

Thanks beautiful lady for your daily inspiration. 


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