Posted in Personal development

My weekend realisation 

I have been a bit moody lately and I think being tired and run down has allowed me to loose focus on what matters and wallow in self pity. 🙄

 I am just at the end of 3 days off, I spent them studying, working out, meal prepping and cleaning house, but I also took some me time, sat out in the sunshine, went for a walk, watched a movie and had a coffee date with my husband, slept in a little and took a couple of nice long baths. 
 I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and refocused.  I have reset my goals, set myself some realistic short term achievements to go after and reset me.  

I am feeling pretty good and almost excited to get on with tomorrow. I have a plan to stop me sliding down that slippery slope again,  and a clear mind to start fresh. 

I have found my big rocks,  the things that matter to me, that will keep my on my path. 

I am excited, motivated and happy.  

I think I am me again.  


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