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Just thoughts and frustrations 

It’s been a crazy few weeks,  assessments for my bachelor degree have dominated all my free time and work has been just insane.  I have had no time to worry about health, eating right, exercising or even getting sleep, things that matter to me have just gone right out the window.  It’s funny how easily we can just drop what is important to us long term for what seems so important right now.

  I have lost my calm and my focus and everything just feels like I’m spinning, just hoping for something to grab hold of to steady myself and redirect my focus.  

The crazy feeling hasn’t been helped by the recent weather events here in Queensland,  nothing has impacted myself, family or friends really directly but the aftermath is quite intense. Work has been crazy since the cyclone crossed the coast and today is quite seriously the first day of normality.  I know what those seriously affected are going through, I was there in the last floods it’s just horrific and the devastation to lives, homes and businesses just keeps coming at the moment.  For a company so big we fell quite hard in all this and rebuilding might take a week or so but customer confidence has plummeted, when you can’t provide people with the basics in their time of need it is not easily forgiven.  My sisters town is the last to receive the brunt of it now with their river peaking yesterday it’s quite devastating thinking all they could do was wait for the inevitable.

Rocky race track 

I am reassessing my choices and decisions and evaluating my options, trying to work through what is right for me.  I need to stop the madness at work,  I need to stop letting others manipulate what I know and get back to me! 

Its time to stop and breath, then It’s time to start moving forward again! 

Clear the mind, find the big rocks and stop sweating the small stuff.. 

I keep getting caught in the sand. 


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