Posted in Personal development

Time to reset 

So I didn’t get ‘the job’, my best chance at starting my project management career in an environment I’m comfortable and confident in has slipped through my fingers. I aced the first interview but stumbled in the second, I knew I’d done it but now it’s official.  So my little brain is on a spin about how we move forward from here,  do I keep applying and trying to move into an area where I have no experience or reassess my goals and take a new direction.   I’ve had my heart set on this but it just seems to keep slipping further from my reach,  I don’t want to chase something that is only going to keep ending in disappointment.  I feel I need some time to myself to get in touch with where I’m at and made a few big decisions on what’s next.  Like a me reset 

Not my whole life just my professional choices basically I want control of my professional life back,  so I need to make some big changes and choices and take some risks. 

I know it seems so simple but knowing what will make me happy professionally eludes me,  project management makes me scared and excited but nothing really catches my heart and makes me truly excited with anticipation. 

 I need to find my thing! 


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