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The week that is 

This week I have taken back some of my control.  I have started work at a reasonable time, achieved (for the most part) my goals at work and feel like I have made a small difference.  That’s a good few days work right there.  Still the weekend has some grand opportunities to do a little better.  Drive a little harder. I have way more to offer than what I have already,  feeling pretty motivated at the moment. 

I think my motivation is linked to the fact that my later starts mean I have my workout groove on.   Now I only do short 15-30 min hiit sessions which I know for hard cores is nothing but for me that getting up, working out getting my heart rate up and feeling good about myself makes a world of difference to my mental and physical state.  

 I work out with the bodyrock #bodyrock team,  I usually make my way through a 30 Day Challenge adding a few burnouts or extra cardio videos as I go.  I have been working out with them for a few years and I am a huge fan,  I share the joy with everyone so many different workouts to choose from, great team always feel good after my workouts!  

Lisa Marie – my workout goal-  I figure if I reach really high I’ll be the best version of me! 
So I think getting back to my 4 times a week is helping me get on with business.  I don’t know about you but I Always eat better when I’m exercising,  my body seems to crave better foods which is just another bonus. 

Ok so blue cheese and prosciutto not exactly diet foods but balance and flavour are important to and this was so seriously delicious..

I was craving grilled cheese sandwich and decided to try something a little different.  I can not recommend this enough. Blew my mind how tasty it was,  I did add a little chilli and pepper to the cauliflower mix.. Amazing.. 

Coconut curry chicken with snow peas 

I have been back at my study a few weeks now hich means my days off are for longer workouts and hitting he books.  I had great results in my first exam which surprised me because I wasn’t confident going in.  I find business analysis hard to grasp, I get the concept just not the theory. 😞. Really pains me. 

I haven’t heard back from my big job interview yet,  it’s really frustrating but also a little exciting at the same time it’s like hanging of a cliff waiting to see if you will fall or get pulled back up. 

My thought of the week-  I had in my mind of I don’t get this big job then it’s time to let this dream go and just see where things take me then almost on cue this popped up in my news feed!


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