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This isn’t working for me. 

So it’s not that I’m not grateful for stuff I surely am and I have been practising the art of recognising the little things in life especially over the last year or so,  I just think sometimes what I’m grateful for is little and perhaps to others boring and sometimes so basic that it’s just pretty much being grateful for breathing.  It’s not something I’m really interested in writing in a blog about. I have a diary that I use for grateful. It’s called grid diary and basically I go wine,bath and afternoon walk, so I thought maybe writing about stuff and delving into why I’m grateful for those things might be interesting but really I’m not that good a writer so it’s really not working for me. 

I’m just me and I’m just trying to find ways to appreciate my world and find my happiness.  I think recognising struggles is just as important as being grateful.

 My grid diary has 6 grids- what did I learn, what am I grateful for, how did I move closer to my goal, what challenged me, did I spend time with family/friends, how was my mood.  I quite like it I can write as little or as much as I want and if it’s in my too hard basket today I just miss a box. – rebel. 🙂 

I think I want to keep this space for learning more about me, about what makes me tick and delving into ideas and thoughts that challenge me to be real with myself.  So until I find my next writing inspiration,  I shall stop being grateful for bubbles and sunshiney afternoons. Well I’ll still be grateful I’ll just keep it to myself. 



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