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Friday feel goods 

So grateful journal day 2&3 appear to have been eaten by my dog. (Classic forgot to do my homework story) 

So day 4 🙄 what am I really grateful for. 

Friday – I’m going to say the number one thing I’m grateful for is, it’s Friday.  I am so relieved that this work week is over, it has been so intense, not without its rewards, but very very intense. At the end of it I am feeling quite pleased with myself and like I actually added value and made a real difference.  We started some tough conversations and challenged some comfort zones, did a lot of work and really made a start at tuening a bogged old ship around.  But I am so relieved it’s Friday and to have this weekend off. I’ve not needed a weekend more than this in a long time. 

Walking- when I got in this afternoon Paul made me swiftly change and we were out the door,  because I’ve had a big week I skipped 2 workouts so he wanted to get my out and active so I would feel better about myself.  Worked wonders perfect start to the weekend, we went for an hour long walk, talked, enjoyed a perfectly lovely afternoon and each other’s company.  Just what I needed. 

Bubbles – I’m going to say the bubbles in my bath. 🛀 

They are crackling round my ears and the bath oil that made them smells deep and soothing.  Very relaxing feeling being surrounded bt bubbles, usually I try to get rid of them but today I’m relaxing into them and enjoying the noise and the feeling of them. 

I love scooping them up and blowing them into the air remind me of when I was really little. 

Cheers and all the best for a great weekend 


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