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Gratitude Journel- my new Challenge 

So I want to do a new challenge every 30 days,  to start with, I need to get better at daily posts!  Because my last challenge went a little over time. 😬 

I’m going to spend the next 30 day sharing 3 things I’m grateful for everyday.  Gratitude is such an important part of being happy with the life your living. 

3 things I’m grateful for today.

  1. Our walk this morning- we haven’t done this together ever.  I really enjoyed that we got up, got our butts moving and went for a walk before starting our day and we both enjoyed it so much we have set the alarm for tomorrow.   We came across some natural wonders- freaked me out.. these little creatures were marching somewhere in perfect form,  I am curious what it’s about and what it means, my sister said they were just in search of food 
  2. Having the opportunity to have an interview for my ideal role today, though I am not incredibly confident that I did as well as I wanted.  I am really proud that I had the opportunity and I felt good for the most part,  I know what I have to offer is valuable and I know I can improve my skills where I need too.  I am grateful for the opportunity and the time to discuss the role.  I can only grow from these experiences. 
  3. I really want to say wine…. but let’s not start there on day 1, It could end up on the list every day.   I am grateful for my hair straightener, I have been putting my hair up for a few months and last weekend I decided to stop being lazy. My hair is naturally terribly frizzy but my GHD is amazing and I always feel so good with my hair done properly.  Today I felt like I was having a great hair day and those are very important for confidence. 


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