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Feeling Gateful -30 Day Challenge. 

What am I grateful for? 

Today I am grateful it’s Sunday and that I took some me time, cooked, worked out, studied and relaxed in the sunshine, then finished my day with my Sunday night bath in perfect tradition.  Now I’m really ready for a good night sleep and a focused start to my week. 

That’s just today though, what am I really grateful for.. 

My husband –  he is a manly pain in the butt no doubt as they all are,  but I am very lucky because he tells me everyday just how beautiful, sexy and amazing I am and how proud he is of me.  He always compliments my cooking and encourages me to try new foods.  He has always encouraged my learning, self and professional improvement and my exercise goals.  I am very lucky to have such an amazing man taking care of me and supporting me. 

My Family-  I’ll just put them all together or this post will be sooo long..  My mum and Sissa always there, just right there when I want to share a thought or stupid moment 🤔, Casey, despite having our moments There is no doubt there is love and trust and we have each other.

My Girls- B,Sara, Kirstin,Rach, Loz and Bec amazing strong women supporting each other on our journeys. 

My home- it’s comfortable, functional and I just love being here it may be rental but it is exactly what we need right now and I am so grateful we found something to suit our needs. 

My journey- someone said once we work so hard to achieve things even little things but we forget so often to stop and enjoy those moments.  I try not to forget to celebrate those moments because we do tend to move on from them so quickly in search of the next big thing..  The journey, the work, the heartbreaks, the smallest of successes, these moments need to be captured and appreciated for their part in who we are.  I find a daily gratitude journal has helped me recognise those small steps along the way that make the bigger moments happen.  Sometimes those moments aren’t great and it is hard to appreciate their place as they happen,  I try to capture them as well the challenges,  because sometimes in hindsight they are the moments to be grateful for. 

I am grateful for the smell of a great meal when I am home late and Paul has cooked up something wonderful for me. 

I am grateful for the comfort of my bed every single night and the chink of my tea cup being put on my bedside table as Paul wakes me up every morning with a cup of green tea, and our special time together sitting up in bed every morning as we start our day and talk about how we think it will go. 

I am thankful for motivating quotes and Inspirational travel  and food photos.  I love that we are both in a space where seeing the world is now a priority and we can enjoy these adventures both together and separately and share our experiences. 

I am grateful for each day that I get to experience something new, get frustrated, cry, scream, love, laugh and live. 


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