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When I’m feeling down- 30 Day Challenge questions 

I’m one to wallow in self pity sometimes a little too long,  it has been a tough year though, when I’m feeling down I tend to first try break it by listening to upbeat music, having a relaxing bath, reading some inspirational blogs or even just scrolling through Pinterest. 

If I’m having one of those real ‘sads’ days I will sometimes give myself the space for a good cry,  go really silent if I don’t have space like at work or reach out to someone and tell them I need a pep talk and pick me up.. 
I used to text all the people on my phone a hug or sunshine ☀️ or something like that so I would get a load of ‘love’/messages back and give my little heart a positive boost.. I haven’t done that for a long time. It always made me feel good, but the chit chat that followed from loads of people who realised how long it’s been since we chatted could be time consuming and exhausting.  

Sometimes I’ll finish the day with my comfort food (steak,cheese Kransky and Potato bake) and wine after a long warm bath and a few good reads or write up a list of things I’m grateful for, then I melt under the covers and hope I wake up in a better frame of mind tomorrow. 


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