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My Favourite -Stuff – 30 Day Challenge questions 

I am running a few days over on this challenge I guess I missed a few days posing, will have to make a conscientious effort to do better with the next 30 days, I have some catching up to do.. 

So my favourites- 

My Favourite movie is ummm there are just so many of them…  I would have to say Alice in Wonderland because so many of my Favourite quotes came from the movie and it is just so delightfully colourful and crazy. 

I really enjoy the more recent versions with Johnny Depp as the Hatter, he just does such a delightful job with that part,  I can never see enough of it.. 

My Favourite Band- I would have to say DrHook now I know that may make some cringe but they were with me for my pregnancy, easy listening soulful rock with soothing sounds that would calm me and Quiten Casey when he got all jumpy in my tummy.  Then once he was born we continued the routine and played Dr Hook when it was time to settle for the night.  I still am always calmed by their music 🎶. 

Favourite Food-  well I’m pretty sure this has been covered.. cheese kransky and Steak on the BBQ and sweet potato bake with coconut cream and mild cheese that’s my favourite meal. My go to comfort food.  Perfect flavours, saltiness and warmth in the meal to make me happy.  

I am a sweet tooth also and wish I had enough time in NY to try every one of these delicious sweets

My favourite colour is pink, no black, no pink… hmm not really sure I like my clothes black or grey and everything else colourful, especially pink. 

Like my slippers 
My favourite animal is a Loki- that’s my staffy

And my favourite stuffed animal is oscar cause he is so super damn cute! 

I got him in Mew York last year he sleeps between our pillows and I cuddle him everynight.. seriously the cutest stuffed animal ever!

And my favourite wine??? 

Yeah it is.. I knew you would remember.. 



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