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I interrupt this program 

I really wanted to share my last weekend,  it tells a little about me and well it’s a weekend away so, I love sharing any travel stories.. Even if it’s actually only 2hours from home. 

Last Saturday we attended the wedding of 2 lovely people that work with my husband, it was one of those events where I kind of know about 4-5 people 2 really well, 1 I can’t stand and a few that are pretty cool but I don’t see them very often so conversation is a little stilted. I hate these kind of events,  I am awful at mingling as per my extrovert, introvert question..  I was all dressed up super pretty and not so comfy 

And when we pulled into the hotel where we were staying the wonderfully loud, proud, super cool family had already started to party at lunchtime before the 4pm wedding,  fear set in as we parked the car because I knew they were going to be crazy party people and I could just see me sitting quietly at the table Urgh.. 

I was pretty judgy but to be fair I was thinking woo for them and geez girl for me so kinda judging myself really.. 

Well, the wedding was amazing, they were loud and confident but funny and so sweet,  the bride and groom were amazing and though I did stick to my comfort zone (table) quite a bit, I did dance with Bec and have a few chats and take a few funny pics and was just happy to be there and had an awesome night.. 

Me and Bec with the groomsmen in the background 
I learnt I need to chill out and relax I use to be able to do that, was totally me but lately I’m so uptight. 

The next day was super awesome Paul and I went for breakfast at Bribie and while we were sitting there decided to go to Australia Zoo, now I never wanted to go there I am anti Steve Irwin and his Crikey antics all the way but I have to admit for the last few years I’ve kind of started to respect  his perspective and value to Australian wildlife education despite his ‘Aussie mockery’, so I was really keen to go and we had a wonderful day.  

I highly recommend #australiazoo , the animals must be on something or just really well treated and happy because I have never seen so much activity in zoo animals ever, usually they are all just there and moping around, here the snakes were cruising round and the wombats were out playing, the tortoise was going for a wander it was so great… 

Ok so the koala was not so active but he was cute 

I just loved this poisonous snakes and crocs meh… it’s the hose you have to watch out for.. 

Afterwards we were feeling a little famished so we scooted off to the ‘etamogah pub’ now known as the Aussie Pub…  and had a super beer and burger lunch. 

Perfect end to an awesome weekend. 

Cheers to that. 


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