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What is my passion -30 Day Challenge 

You will see through these pages the questions I was not to fussed to respond too,  sadly I think that says a bit about my character,  that if I’m not interested I’ll be a little half arsed.. let’s be honest who isn’t. 
I am passionate about self improvement, I look at everyday for my opportunity to have done better, reacted better, inspired more or coached improvements.  I look at myself for achievement, self improvement and growth,  I am hard on myself sometimes, I get quite disappointed with missed opportunities to have done a little better.  I get really frustrated when I recognise my own laziness or procrastination which has left missed opportunity. 

I study because it keeps my mind open,  I work out because aside from keeping me fit it gives my mind clarity,  I have goals and I live them everyday (even when I don’t take the time to check in).  I look at my day and ask how did that day make a difference how did I improve a situation for myself or someone else.  Did I move any closer to any of my goals today? Did I work out, did I eat right,  did I review my shares or practise some of my Italian words (that last one gets a lot of no) Did I learn a new skill.  

If you live everyday to be a better you, I feel that’s something I am passionate about and with this mindset, I can still learn and grow and find some happiness even in a job role that isn’t right for my career. 

I am passionate about being a better version of myself. 


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