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My happiest memory – 30 Day Challenge 

This is tough, I instantly think of my sons birth and my wedding day of course but they are happy for a very specific reason,  my mind goes back to my childhood throwing  mangoes in a huge street food fight or the time I beat a highest score in a video game console, those camping trips with ghost stories and marshmallows on the fire, my first boy who liked me and I liked him back 

The keys to the house we built, seeing my best friend for the first time in years after she moved to the UK. Seeing Jim Morrison grave which was on my teenage bucket list, white water rafting, my first like on my blog page (thanks Sissa),  sitting around the fire or sleeping in the hammock at my sisters place enjoying or wine or beers and amazing cheese platters. 

Every minute of my trip last year to New York! With my wonderful husband I absolutely loved every second of that trip it was amazing inspiring and life changing. 

I’m going to say it was my 40th birthday,  I’m not sure why exactly it beats all others and 2 very important people were missing- Casey and B (both called to share their love though❤️).  But I think it was the surprise after surprise, the fun exciting game of bubble soccer with my nearest and dearest, the rooftop BBQ overlooking the Gold Coast skyline playing games and having a few nice drinks,  the amazing Mexican dinner (I just love Mexican- Mexican belly!) and the walk home along the beach with my mum and Sissa with Pauly..  It was just a perfect day an absolutely perfect day. Paul did so well I was so spoilt! 

And an amazing start to a great year of fun, love and adventures. 

When you start to think about what was your happiest moment you realise how many amazing moments a life has.. this one that I will always adore was me and Casey just sharing a moment that was completely ours.. ok so we were laughing at window washers cause it looked funny from where we were but it was a perfect moment. 

Travelling and fun with the boys.. always amazing times 
Our Champagne Thursdays especially this one at Moët in the Champagne region of France a day we will never forget 

So many happy moments and memories.  And we captured so many of them over the years. 

Our giant photo wall! 


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