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I think I am an introvert.- 30 Day Challenge 

Am I an introvert or an extrovert. 

I would say I’m an Introvert as I am quite awkward in social situation especially when I don’t know people or I’m uncomfortable.  On the weekend I went to the weeding of a couple I know and I spent the whole night taking to just the few people i was comfortable with, I couldn’t bring myself to mingle and when my husband said he would introduce me to people I asked him not to so as to avoid the awkward conversation that ultimately follows when you meet someone new and don’t know what to discuss. I was quite happy just sitting aside on my own or chatting to our friend Bec and we did dance and I did have a great night. 
I’ve always thought I’m a bit of an introvert but actually if I analyse me that couldn’t be true..  I think the awkwardness in situations where I am uncomfortable is more about confidence and actually in situations where I am comfortable I am quite an extrovert,  centre of attention even,  I love my Birthday and will always go to work if I can do I get more Birthday attention.  Yesterday we went to a training workshop and I asked questions and made comment on the process and was involved the whole day because I am excited to move in this direction and learn it all plus I’m not afraid to speak up and I was in a comfortable environment. 

I was once asked to MC an evening with 200 people (at the last minute)and though I was very nervous, I knew the content and would have done it, I was almost disappointed when someone else volunteered. 

I will get up and dance, but I freak out when my girls say let’s go dancing because I am more comfortable with close friends at dinner and don’t enjoy those kind of social evenings. 

I would have to say I am an extrovert who occasionally hides from awkward situations. Basically what I’m saying is I’m not sure where I would sit I am just me! 



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