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Self care and self love – 30 Day Challenge. 

What do I do to show myself Self Care and love?  ❤️ 

I’m going to go with diet and exercise.  I made myself a promise a few years ago and though I may have a few too many cheat days, when I look back 4-5 years ago and compare the way I eat today,  my cheat days now are probably in line with what was considered healthy days in my world then.  

Spaghetti squash chicken lasagne boats 

I work out consistently enough that I miss it terribly when I don’t do it,  that to me is a sign of good commitment and routine and I love my workout space it’s my happy place. 

 I have girlfriends who I chat to daily and we encourage each other and lift each up it really is a good space to be in. 

I am proud of my diet and exercise progress,  I definitely have opportunity but when I need to make sure I take care of me that’s the space I turn too because that’s me looking after myself.  When I binge on junk and lay around on the couch all day being lazy I feel awful about myself. Eating well, meal prepping and exercise makes me feel good about me, about my strength and commitment to better myself. 
And of course where would my self care routine be without my favourite time of the week.. 

lavender bath with candle and muscat ❤️ 


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