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What do you Love ❤️ about your job and what do you hate about it – 30 Day Challenge questions.

This could break records for the longest post in history if I really got started..  I will try to keep it current reduce the intensity a little.. 

I love my current role because it is giving me the opportunity to work with people on their personal and professional development.  I love seeing people become what they aspire to be and this role is giving me real potential to support,coach and develop some of the team, which is so motivating and I absolutely love doing that. 

I enjoy making changes and improvements in daily processes and activities and I enjoy having a team to work closely with that I see each day so we can gather momentum and a sense of achievement. 

My motto don’t just survive Thrive. 

What I hate about my job,  our teams & stores have a survive mentality, just make it through the day with as few mistakes and issues as possible and then go home sleep and try to survive tomorrow.  No strategy no planning, no goals to achieve just survive I HATE that with a passion.. 

I use to love ❤️ ❤️❤️my job, loved going to work on a Monday,  I was literally beside myself with a sense of purpose and achievement even the bad days were good days with new challenges to overcome.  

Then a boss issue happened, used, manipulated, bullied, harassed and unappreciated, I chose to run from the issue and take on my current position.  ☹️

 I’m mentally and emotionally more stable but so unhappy in my current job.  I don’t see it as a career so much as a punishment and though there are things and people I love about it,  it isn’t me, it isn’t where I want to be and I don’t love ❤️ my job.  So I am actively looking for a new one,  a career role that will inspire and motivate me and in the meantime whilst I search for my bliss,  I make an effort to help others find the drive to achieve theirs and that makes me happy. 


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