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Ahhh haaa haaa.. night owl or early bird- 30 day challenge- all about me. 

I can barely keep my eyes open after 8:30 and when my girlfriends plan girls night out I am the first to bail because 1 am just seems like such an insane time to see before you sleep, I’d much rather be waking up at that time than just hitting the pillow. 

I wake at 4am most days,  usually,  I will lay in bed and wait for my cup of green tea to come to me, then out of bed by 4:30 either exercise or if it’s a big work day (too many of them lately) I’ll get ready and head off to work.  I use to be a bakery manager so early is in my blood.  Plus I’m old (41) so staying up late is out of the question now.  I struggle after 9pm and sook if it’s after 10. 😊 sad but true! 

If clubs were open during the day I’d be a huge party Fien but this PM stuff burns me out. 

I am more productive in thought, exercise and study in the early hours then I ever am after 3pm.  After that my thoughts are of dinner, wine, maybe a bath and how I can fit in some hubby time before I get to go to sleep. 


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