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My proudest Accomplishment-30 Day Challenge 

I would have to say my commitment to my study because I could have given up so many times over the years but I just kept at it, some days I hated it and some days I loved it but I made a commitment to complete my degree and I have stuck with that.  I am pretty proud of that. 

So far my Nachelor in business (Marketing,PR or Events) has taken me about 5 years, 2 subjects at a time, every weekend and day off in the uni season.  I am just about to start my next classes this week, I’m doing Business analysis 2 and Rick and Crisis management. 

I’m in level 3 subjects now and I noticed how very much harder they are,  it’s like going from year 10 to 12 overnight it kind of hurts, the change in expectations.  I have study buddies now which is so good because for years I was so isolated and sometimes so confused. 

I have come a long way, I have learnt a lot about me, about others and about leadership I am so pleased I have dedicated my time and energy to my degree and so proud of how far I have come.  Only 6 subjects to go until it is fully completed. 
In a separate note it is Drink Wine Day! Celebrate in style people. 

I sure am 😊


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