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If I wasn’t a fraidy cat- 30 day Challenge questions 

I am afraid but I’m still going to chase my goal.. 

I am afraid I’ll fail, I’m afraid I might leap beyond the ledge, I’m afraid I will let someone down, I’m afraid of being overwhelmed and out of my comfort zone,  I’m scared to uproot my life for something I believe I want but have never really fully tried. 

I am excited by the challenge of doing something I really want to do, excited that it will be absolutely perfect and challenging and awesome,  I’m excited to take a risk and move my life for the opportunity to reach my goals. 
Some days I think no, stop back out, don’t keep trying you could fail and not get what you want which would be devastating OR you could succeed get the career you want so bad and be awful at it, OR you could get the career you always wanted and live it..  so so much to be afraid of I have a bad habit of running from what scares me.  Taking the comfort space and watching my goals go by bye.. 

But this time I’m going to keep trying I’m going to take the risk and I am going to give it my all to reach my goals. 


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