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What are my values what do I believe in – 30 day challenge- about me 

I would love to say honestly and openness and not be thinking about the darkest little corner of my soul where I know all my own mis truths lay.  I don’t think any one person could claim pure honesty, we all keep truths or mould them to suit a person or situation whether it be to keep from unnecessarily hurting someone or to keep the full truth from someone you can’t trust, so for this reason I believe that statement would just be lip service.  

I do value integrity though, admitting to wrong doing, not hiding behind lies or shifting blame being consistent in behaviour and living what you preach,  Holding myself accountable for my actions.  I am often told I hold myself to ridiculous standards but what you do needs to be equal to or better than what you say and expect. 

Compassion and kindness- I believe in hearing people not their words so much as what there words are trying to say.  Sometimes this can be easily missed but, as an example today I had two team members get into a tiff about 15min of a persons time, there was anger and swearing and they both went away quite distressed.   I was a bit frustrated with the agressor and initially when I went up to speak to her it was to reprimand her,  however as I approached the look on her face told her story.  She had some bad personal news while on her break and the timing of their conversation caught her off guard and angered her.  We talked and we came to a solution and I was able to listen and be there for someone who was feeling pain and just trying to get through the day. I believe I am in tune with this kind of behaviour and distress because I am an empath. Some say that is a weakness but it allows me a deeper understanding and respect for people and I don’t think that is weakness. 

Understanding and respect-  walk a day in their shoes, understand the limitations, opportunities and strengths and don’t expect from others that which you couldn’t reasonably achieve yourself – within reason and skill of course. I also believe it is my place to share information and skills that will help people grow and develop.  


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