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What worries me- 30 day challenge 

I worry about a lot of things,  my son, is happy, looking after himself, eating ok, making good choices..  He is super strong and hates that I worry but I’m a mum soo it’s always going to be there. 
Sometimes I worry if I am suddenly going to realise that I’m no good at anything or that I’m truly a horrible person and I was just oblivious.  I wonder if everyone wonders that kind of thing.  Like you think your good at your job and people say your doing great but what if your just not.. 
I worry about my weight A LOT, I’m not a big girl I know that but my doctor told me that with no thyroid I would be, I’ve proved him wrong so far but I know I need to stay close to my food choices to maintain that so I worry. 

I worry if I will achieve my goals,  at the moment this is a daily concern as they are being shattered but in my heart I know I will recover and find my way because I am determined. 

I don’t worry about money, my husband does that but I do worry if that’s to much for him but he seems to like it and I have monies for my coffee and wine so we aren’t in any trouble 🙂 

Somedays I feel like I’m the only person in the world with a worry but most days I know I am very lucky and barely have a real worry at all. 

I have love, safety, security, friends and family.  Everything one needs.  


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