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Try new things- 30 day challengeĀ 


What new thing do you want to try. 
I want to learn a language, I decided on Italian and I ha e started giving it a go,  I do find it difficult, frustrating and slow and if I don’t put the work in each day I have forgotten what I’ve learnt and I’m always starting again, however I think it would be a massive thing to accomplish if I stick to it and lots of fun when I am travelling to Italy in a few years time.  

I also always wanted to Fire a gun at a range or something.  I find them very scary so it would be the adrenaline of facing a fear for me I expect.  

I have a bucket list but I am really good at. Hecking most things off each year so I am always thinking of new little achievements and experiences but I am also anchicken so can’t be too adventurous. šŸ”

On a side note did you know that yesterday was read in the bath day 

How perfect! 

I’d love to hear bucket list suggestions, this post made me realise mine really does need a shake up. 


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