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Fun? šŸ¤” – 30 day ChallengeĀ 

Question 5 

What do I like to do for fun? 

I love spending time with friends dinners, drinks, chats.  

I love exercising, my Hiit workouts are always hard but make me feel great. 
I ā¤ļø watching the boxing, live is best but I just really enjoy watching it anywhere anytime. 

The most fun is travelling this year it will be Vegas, LA and San Fran and Queenstown.  Last year the super amazing New York, WA and Uk. 

When Paul ha time off we do enjoy our Sunday morning breakfasts out followed by a few hours of bushwalking.  There is something very special about getting lost in nature that makes me very happy. 

That’s my favourite activities.. that and of course my šŸ›€ with deliscious muscat.  But that is more how I relax then how I have my fun 


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