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Ashamed? Me? šŸ™„ – 30 day challengeĀ 


What am I ashamed of? 

I’m ashamed of how I’ve handled the last 12months.  I was being manipulated and bullied and instead of confrontation I avoided, pleaded and then took the quickest way out of the situation,  used up all my leave, took a job role Ilthat isn’t on my career path and lost $20k in pay, something that caused me personal and professional distress, but left the person putting me through this untouched and unharmed.  It was cowardly and now I am angry and agitated at being left to deal with the scraps of my world..  I made the choices but I feel victimised.  

My decisions and my response to my situation are definitely something I’m very ashamed of!

As my career goals slip through my fingers I have to face the fact that this was my choice and I only have me to blame for my situation. 

In our business today once you take on a leadership role you need to do 12 months in that position,  I took a role that moves me away from my career path to avoid this person continuing to affect my world and now I have 12 months of not being able to do what I love.  

Life is full of speed bumps- my FJ use to love crushing speed bumps šŸ‘šŸ¼šŸ˜Š


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