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Who really matters -30 Day Challenge 

Question 3. 

What really matters most: 

This was work, I know it’s so very cliche but it really was, work hard, be dedicated and rewards will come. 

Now, it’s people,  

now it’s Paul,  he is an amazing life partner, he supports and encourages me, love me unconditionally and knows just how to make me smile.  And how to make me roll my eyes in morbid disbelief at some of the things he says . 🙄 😊 and how we will see the world together. I love when we travel together 🌎 

And Casey:  He worries me so much that I feel ill sometimes but he is loving, strong, independent and amazing.  I just want life to treat him good he deserves so much happiness. 

Also my my sister and my mum: The women in my life, each has their special part to place and all of them are amazing.  

My Sissa is my inspiration for a fit and healthier lifestyle she was the catalyst of change for me and such a great support through my journey. 

My mum is my mum she is always there to listen and support and love. 

Sara and Belinda:  difficult putting them together but they sit together in my heart.  2 strong amazing women,  

my best friend Belinda my confidant, my comfort and the only person I can be 100%myself with in every way.  It’s a strong bond and a wonderful friendship.   

Sara the strongest most inspirational women I know.  Always has the great advise to calm your mind when life beats you up. Has so much going on in her world but is always there,  my workout buddy she challenges me to keep going and fun always lots of fun. 

And my Friends: great loyal people who are there to laugh and cry with me,  eat, drink, play silly games and support my crazy. 

People are what matters most and I have some very wonderful people in my life. 

Hope you appreciate the people in your life as much as I do.  Perhaps I should take a few moments and tell them that today. 


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