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We’ve covered this 

I talk about goals a lot so if you have read any of my other posts then this is old hat. But it’s in here so let’s see if there is anything new on my list. 

Question No2. 

Short Term goals 

  1. Buy property with our newly set up SMSF.  This is to settle by end of March then second by end of June 
  2. Invest in share market. The ASX game starts in a few weeks that is a great learning tool. 
  3. Healthy lifestyle back. – this is a tough one my lifestyle is good workouts, meal prep, etc.. but it’s more about constantly making good choices and not going backwards always getting a little better and a little tighter. Stress eating under control maybe that’s what I should call it! 
  4. Mindfulness practise to 5min a day consistently 

Long term goal 

  1. Career in project management 
  2. Travel – a real experience holiday every year 
  3. Learn Italian – for when we travel there. And because learning a language is considered a great way to focus the mind 
  4. Blog-  write a blog that contributes something. At the moment it just gives me a space to play in and to put my thoughts together. 
  5. Retire in 25years with income to travel and live 


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