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30 Day Challenges 

I wanted this year to be a 30 day challenge year so far it’s a massive fail, but it’s only Feb so I was thinking better late than never..  I will do 2 for the next 30 days and if we really focus I could learn quite a lot about myself.
I found myself a positive affirmation which I will remind myself of daily for 30 days,  this will improve my confidence my positivity and my focus.  I have added it to a motivational image board and made it my phone background, along with my new work Mantra, both of which which are also in my calendar an a 6am daily reminder so I can’t help but to acknowledge them every day for the next 30 days.

Work Mantra

I am not sure how I will manage checking in with this as it really is more about mindset.
The challenge for Feb I chose this sharing a bit about me.  It is all about me here after all.
My challenge for Feb 26questions to know yourself better!

Join me on my soul searching journey,  maybe it will give me some opportunities to work on or a great idea for March challenge.

Answer a question a day for 26 days and face my demons and desires. 🙊🙉🙈

1. What are my strengths

  • Empathy- I feel for others and acknowledge how they feel by my actions and those of others
  • Knowledge sharing-  I’m. It sure how to work this one,  I love to teach and inspire others to challenge themselves and set their own goals – this is my favourite quality in me.
  • Loyal friend- I am there and I don’t judge my friends. They can be and say what they like with me.
  • Decent cook- now! I was the worst but now I am game to experiment and try a few different things I have really grown to enjoy it and I’m good at it
  • Focusing on my goals- not to be confused with achieving them,  but I know what I want and what I’m doing to get me there, it just often seems to not be quite enough- refer to my post re: taking risks (not a strength)
  • Dedicated – to whatever I am doing 110%

I’m sure I have many more endearing qualities

Do  you have one quality that your really proud of?

You guessed it time for me to lay back and relax,  guess my favourite routine 🙂

Have an amazing weekend.


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