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On my list of strengths 

So I’ve not been great with this challenge apparently writing a list of strengths is not my strength, but I do have one that I have domonstrated this week which I am particularly proud of, it might be 2 actually we will see what anyone else thinks. 
This week I started talking with team, about them their job, their goals and aspirations and I have myself a project or 3 that I am really committed to supporting. 3 team members have leadership potential and a desire to further their careers so I spent half hour with each of them this week and outlined our plan to help them achieve their goals, I am going to give them the information, knowledge, connections and support to really grow as leaders and each of them was so excited by the challenges I set them for their first week. I have committed to half hour a week each plus whatever on the job learning support they need from me to start motoring through the learning modules and leadership exercises. 

I am really excited about this, even though it doesn’t move me towards my main goal, it does help me develop further as a leader, coach and mentor and I have always really enjoyed that. I will be so pleased when they start moving out into the world and furthering their careers. 

My interview was put up n hold until they are ready for their next hire, soooo… My own career goal seems a mountain at the moment, I know I haven’t set my sites to high, but I did remove myself from the perfect platform.  I will achieve I just have to keep digging in and pushing forward.  For now I will make the most of what I am doing and make as much of a difference as I can. 

I am focused on my wellbeing, energy, happiness, family and of course my very important me time. 



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