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Confidence and Risk! 

I am not great with confidence, I have all these things I want to achieve and I think I am holding myself back with my own inability to believe I deserve or am worthy, good enough ect..  I set goals I do the work to learn, study, explore but when it comes time to jump and drive forward and use that knowledge I hold back, I avoid committing to the real actions, I kind of dance around the edges.  This year is about leaping, about taking chances and really pushing for what I want, I’m not afraid to work for it, so it’s time I start taking the risks to achieve it.  

I need to do the work on my confidence, I have tried a few different things over the last year but I feel a little silly and don’t stick with it so, for the next 30 days (30 Day challenges are on my to do list this year- win win) I am going to focus on improving my confidence by writing a list my strengths and opportunities and each day recognise one in detail and explain how it makes me valuable in work, or in life. 

I am going to start putting risky actions into my action plan with real dates and commit to taking those leaps with faith in myself. 

 I am going to take risks in 2017 to ensure I make some big improvements in myself and my life. 

Today I will start pulling together my proposed share portfolio becaus eI am ready to move forward and I am hesitating because it’s risky. 

Monday I will call my recruiter and work through getting my one on one interview because I was great in my phone interview and even though I’m scared I really want that job with that boss. 

I am going to take control and I am going to do the work to improve my confidence.  

Step 1- Make the list- today.  😀 

2017 might throw some curve balls, every year does but this year I will be more in control, I have decided not to be a push over, I will get to the end of this year and know I have achieved change and growth. 

I hope you will share my 2017 journey with me.  

Daily focus on goals and self is really part of who I have been for a long time, making changes and smashing those goals will be who I will become in 2017.  I am motivated and excited, also wickedly scared 😊 and that’s a good thing. 

Have a great week. 


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