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It’s time to reflect 

A lot has happened in the last few weeks.  Paul is well and truly home and back to his day to day reality, I have had a few job interviews that have gone quite well for a role as Assistant Project Manager for a local subsidiary of a global firm, so whatch this space and cross fingers because I really liked the sound of the job, the team and the opportunities to learn, progress and be a part of something special. 

The year is almost over and if I look back at my plans and at how it all worked out, well it’s a bit of a mixed bag, or perhaps we should call it a work in progress? 

The best birthday ever this year, my 40th was absolutely amazing.. Just perfect 

We travelled 

 Melbourne – Weekend away had an absolute ball wandering the streets, shops, alley ways and enjoying great food and wine. 

New York-  my favourite place in the world, I would give anything to move there even just for a year 

Perth and Margaret River- I have always wanted to go to WA and even though I was not in the best place when we went I had a fabulous time. 

England- Worthing to spend time with Belinda. A trip which we both needed so badly. 

Paul trekking to base camp in Nepal 😊 

I had some of the toughest days emotionally,  of my life but eventually came out the other side.  Hopefully soon to be better for it. 
I graduated with my Diploma in Projevt Management and completed 5 subjects in my Bachelor of business. 
We went bushwalking over a heap of weekends and then challenged ourselves with a 24km trek between Binna Burra and O Reilleys. 


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