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Another week passes 

I have a dream and I have an app..  I am using success wiz as a tool to keep myself focused,  and because I have them written down with actions against them I have goals.. 

I have a few goals because I like to keep myself busy, motivated and focused and if u sit still to long the world catches up to you.

I have a career goal- To be a project manager, I know I’m over 40 so a career change is odd but it’s not that far removed from what I have been doing and I have completed my diploma and am now spending my days off with our company project management team gaining valuable experience. 

I have a personal development goal- 2 actually. I will learn Italian and I will complete my bachelor of business by the end of the next 12months.. the second is killing me 🙂 I am doing 3 subjects, just finished my diploma so was doing that as well, working full time in a new job that is zapping my brain and then there are assessments like this-  

The iced coffee and rocky road tart were an attempt to settle my extremely frazzled mind when I was searching for the materials to put this ‘thing’ together. 

 I will add a completed picture when I finish it next week. 

I have a personal goal – to be the most physically fit of my life,  this one is difficult because I have been focused in this area for a little while so I’ve been pretty good over the last few years but I just took my trip to the UK and was not so good so this is about getting my focus back and making sure I improve ever week.  I use an ap for that too.  2 actually, my favourite best most awesome support through my health and fitness journey has been Body rock with Lisa Marie and her amazing body rock team.  I am currently working out with Chris-Ty Walker and he is kicking my butt, plus I lifted my weights up so I’m kicking my butt.  Super proud. 

LisaMarie- my goal. I know I can’t look like that but if I aim for amazing I might get great.. 

I spend every Sunday evening cooking up a storm so my diet is the best it can be,  I slip too often and eat rubbish but I work on an 80/20 as long as I am focused I am pretty good and the food is delicious,  that’s how I’ve made it this far, food is still a tasty treat but without the guilt. 

My food never looks attractive but… it tastes soo good.. 

I have a financial goal-  To buy 2 investment properties by February and invest in the sharemarket.  I am smashing this goal,  motley fool and asx sharemarkets game and info site have been my best source of information and I am pleased to say I now own 575 shares plus an employee share plan (which doesn’t really count), and we are using our SMSF to purchase property over the next 2 months when Paul finally gets home.  (Gee I’m missing him).

Another Everest shot courtesy of Paul. 

And lastly I have a current job goal-  This is to make sure I stay focused everyday on what’s in front of me and don’t loose myself in my dreams of what could be. 

And of course fun- travel, outdoors, bushwalking.  I just want it all don’t I,  but if I work hard, keep focused and disciplined and it will all come together. 

In the meantime I enjoy the journey and of course my Sunday night bath and muscat.. 

have a great week ❤️️



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