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Well that was a crazy ride 

So it’s Sunday I have my whole day mapped out as I always do we know the pattern exercise, cleaning, study, food prep and Sunday night bath..  all started off well smashed in a great early workout and now it’s Thursday afternoon and I am just settling back in a nice warm bath.  🤔 

So I got a call from my sons best mate, poor kid was stressing Casey is in hospital with a broken jaw,  fight started in Surfers, Casey broke it up and then someone mouthed off and he got a cracking hit and a boot to the face. What kind of superstar does that.. 

so Casey and I have spent most of the week together we have sat in emergency with friends dropping in and out, dad was along for the ride 

We went to pre op and then up to the ward waiting for emergency surgery we talked a little and sat in silence a lot, it was 2 more days before they operated and we had a few good laughs must to the dismay of his jaw and quite a few tears between us. 

Lots of hugs n a fair bit of me sitting on a couch while he snores in the background once they got the meds to kick in..

On Tuesday he had plates put in his jaw and then he could talk a little better and he had a few more visitors. 

He got to keep his beard so that was definitely a big moment of celebration, for Him I hate it, mums always do though don’t they. 

It was a very emotional few days and both of us today are completely exhausted I got up this mornings and did my last major exam took about 3 hours,  made some mushed up meat and veggie meals cause he can’t eat solids, took him shopping for yoghurts, jellies 

Mushed up hospital food. 

and then I have just come home to clean my house and decided no!  Time for some R&R before returning to work tomorrow so Sunday bath ritual it is and it feels awesome almost washing the stress of the last few days away so I can move on with tomorrow.  

I am however in constant contact with him despite him pleading me to back off, between the pain and the meds I just want to make sure he is fed, comfortable and ok!  He will survive another few days of me checking in I’m sure he will. 

Isn’t it funny in life how one minute you know exactly what your doing and the next it’s 4 days later and you stop and realise the whirlwind of what you just experienced. 


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