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A quick mid week catch up 

Well what a difference a day makes,  last night I was having a wine in the bath (that was on purpose I was having both a 🍷 and a 😭.) Feeling all sorry for myself cause I’ve made a huge life decision and it’s a step in the wrong direction (for the right reasons…) 

Then I get up today and I had a day off, so firstly I had time to workout, then I had time to relax with a cup of green tea and my own company, then I got dressed, had a chat online with a friend, went into the office and caught up with some of my favourite team, meanwhile my mind is working out all these completely exciting things I can achieve in my new job, so I’m getting all motivated, then I had a meeting with my State construction manager, mentor, one of my biggest support people and he has given me a project that will really support my learning..  so the day just keeps getting better. 

Then I am back at home, way to early, doing some work on said project and I get a call from a recruiter, I have an interview next week for a great job with an awesome international business.  My first real serious call back.  Job or not this is massive.. I really am keen to know more about the job… but call back.. massive! 

From worst to best day ever. I think my change in attitude brought some good fortune my way!! One to remember for the next time I’m being a self pitying fool. 

I quite literally saved this picture while I was drinking my tea this morning to give my some perspective! I’m keeping this one! 

Oh I did however get a message that Paul is another 24hours away due to cancelled flights which was not such great news but still!  He is safe and heading home tonight! 


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