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Sunday thoughts 

Just one of my most favourite life quotes to start with,  I make a point of always knowing where I want my life to lead and even though I seem to have recently taken a few detours, I have a very good plan of how to get where I want to go.  This reminds me how easy it is to get lost! 

Tomorrow it’s time to go back to work, same company, new challenges.  Technically I have had 11weeks off so it’s going to be hard tomorrow but in reality it’s been 3 weeks since I worked.  I did 4 weeks before I went to the UK for fun in the role I have my eye on for my future.  When I say for fun I have just this month completed my Diploma of Project Management 

and to ensure my success I took leave and shadowed the project managers in my business for experience.  It was so good to be able to have the opportunity.. I am very lucky and I really enjoyed it, so motivated now to follow that path. 

While I am heading back to work my husband, who held the fort whilst I was away, is off on his own adventure,  Base Camp Mt Everest.  I am so proud, he nearly pulled out but now he is over there I’ve no doubt he will love every second. 

Their first stop was in Hong Kong yesterday and though I would never have any intention of going there myself, I have to admit the photo’s just stir up the travel bug in me.. 

Hong Kong 

I am looking forward to my daily updates whilst he treks through the region,  the temperature is said to get to minus 8 or worse this time of year, far removed from our current heat wave of 33. 

My old Sunday routine has served me well today, exercise followed by a few hours of study with housework breaks, then 2 hours of Meal prepping so I am planned and sorted for the week ahead 

followed by my most favourite weekly routine, the Sunday Night Bath with Lush bath bomb and a glass of my ever favourite Witches Falls Muscat..  

This is my bliss! 

Here’s to the week ahead. 



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