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Arundel and Worthing 

I have just spent the last 17 days staying with my B, Rosie Harry and Hunter in Worthing, I had loads of time to explore the surrounding area, we visited Arundel castle and the Worthing pier and they are new in their home, so we wandered the local streets to see what was about. 

The Thomas A Becket

The Bridge Inn -Shoram by Sea 

Arundel Castle – From the Black Rabbit 
We had a lot of time to just spend together, family, friends, coffee, cake and beers.  It was a great trip and I got some gorgeous shots of the local area and our time together and of course each U.K. Pub I visitied while I was there. 

I love the English pub, so oldy worldy, so much character.  It’s not quite the same at home we have lovely big verandahs and outdoor garden areas but we don’t have the warm cozy, character of a proper English pub. 


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