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Tripped into London 

I went for a wonder today in search of a place I’d seen in a picture on facebook.  I took the train from Shoram to Victoria station and then wandered the streets past Buckingham Palace- right on the changing of the guard- through to Trafalgar Square and into Covent Garden. 

In Covent Garden there are nice little alleys and pretty street lamps, a really nice feel to the streets.  I almost walked straight past the entry way though it was reasonably signed but there is so much to look at I almost missed it. 

Neals Yard –  my pictures don’t really do it justice.  

It is a nice little alley with cafe, restaurants, whole foods store and organic cosmetics, it is just gorgeous. 

After I wanted through here and the surrounding streets I then just headed in one direction, quite honestly just lost for a while until I found the river and headed down towards Big Ben. 

I loved wandering around London it has so much history and character, So much to see and do. 
I found a pub and enjoyed a pint and then when the drizzle became rain I bailed out of London Back to Worthing.  


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