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From where I’m sitting 

I’m in a bath tub in Worthing, thousands of miles from home, how many thousand miles I have no idea.  I never much considered to care.  I have never much considered caring about a lot of things that didn’t immediately affect me or those close to me.  I study, I’m 40 and to try and better myself I study and I’ve learnt a lot over the last few years, but I don’t know things.  I don’t watch news, listen to radio so if it isn’t in my facebook feed I’m pretty oblivious, I don’t necessarily like this about me but I have never considered to change it.  The world is a little evil in my eyes and the less I see of it the better.  

 I am aware that makes me quite ignorant and lacking basic ordinary knowledge about my country, society, the world in general.  I have very little opinion on anything of importance, if it’s not diet, exercise or of immediate interest I haven’t a clue.  I read a lot, I read text books and self development books, they all say the number one thing to do is read and continuously develop your knowledge and yourself.  Maybe it is time I started to pay attention, take interest, have an opinion- an educated opinion, but I’m not really sure where to start.  

I love history,  I love to travel and I really enjoy those bus tours where they give you loads of information,  when I was in New York earlier this year I couldn’t get enough of it but I never think to read up on any of it or follow through with more learning,  not sure if I’m lazy or afraid that I’ll become to opinionated and obnoxious.   

I’m going to read one article a day of news.  I’ll start there, just random articles, perhaps just whatever comes my way, I might reinstate my news feed on my phone so I receive the latest news stories each day. 


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